Why we started the Fundraiser Ideas website


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Have you ever been on a fundraiser committee and the same fundraising ideas are rolled out time and time again? That’s fine, if they work and make lots of money, but they’re not so great when you start to see Fundraiser Fatigue.

It’s when the kind supporters of a cause (parents, grandparents, neighbors, anyone else we can rope in) start to not respond in the same enthusiastic way to requests for support. They might be slower to put their money where their mouth is, or buy less than previous years. 

Why? Because they’re probably still making their way through the product of the last campaign! 

That’s why we started Fundraiser Ideas — we wanted to share all the cool options we have in NZ for fundraising, as well as all the great companies who happily support local causes by being so generous and giving back. 

So have a look through the site, see what awesome ideas there are and try something new to try to beat that Fundraiser Fatigue! Fingers crossed it results in a better uptake and more funds for your special cause!