Westgold Butter

Westgold fundraising – the easy choice. Butter up your cause with Westgold’s creamy West Coast butter. For each block of 250g Westgold Butter sold at $4, your group will receive $1 to go towards your goal – simple, easy, and rewarding.

Westgold butter fundraiser ideas product image

A strong community spirit is at the heart of Westgold’s home on the West Coast. That’s why it’s important for us to do our part in supporting New Zealand non-profit organisations, schools, teams, and clubs along their fundraising journeys, so they too can build strong community spirits.

Our process is different from what you might be familiar with from previous fundraising efforts, this is because our delicious creamy butter needs to be kept chilled. After making your sales, you will need to collate the totals and place one big butter order which will be delivered to you on an agreed date for you to distribute to the butter buyers.

Step 1:

Register your interest using the online form on our website and one of our Westgold team members will be in touch to confirm your registration and answer any questions.

Step 2:

Make the sales – download the order forms and provide them to your school, club, or organisation members to start selling. Remember to set a deadline for when order forms must be returned.

Step 3:

Tally up — collate the returned order forms and confirm your final butter order with us.

Step 4:

Make payment — your delivery date will be confirmed at this stage. Delivery is free.

Step 5:

Delivery — the butter will be delivered to your specified address for distribution. Remember this is a chilled product, so distribution will need to happen on the same day to ensure that it doesn’t spoil. Alternatively, it can be stored in the fridge.

We’ve also created a handy toolkit for fundraising coordinators to prepare the team to go for gold. It includes tips for a successful fundraiser, order forms and resources to inspire success.