The Good Oil

The Good Oil fundraising program is a simple and rewarding way to achieve your goals. Fundraisers sell The Good Oil below RRP at $12 per bottle, and retain $4 per sale. Return any leftovers, or order once sales are completed.

The Good Oil fundraiser ideas product image

The Good Oil works with New Zealand farmers to grow 100% GE free high oleic Rapeseed and Sunflower crops in the South Island of New Zealand. Once harvested the seed is cold pressed at our facility in Canterbury without any use of heat or chemicals to create nutritious extra virgin New Zealand cooking oils. The high oleic seed grown for The Good Oil provides an oil that is low in saturated fat (50% less than olive oil) and is high in healthy monounsaturated fats, while also being naturally rich in vitamin E.

The Good Oil has grown to be one of New Zealand’s most popular homegrown cooking oils and is enjoyed for its high smoke point, and mild but flavourful taste, which makes it highly versatile for everyday cooking as well as salads, dips, baking, BBQs and more.

The Good Oil is proud to offer a fundraising program to help support schools, clubs, sports teams and more. Our intention is to make the process of fundraising as simple as possible, either collect orders and then receive the bottles once you are ready, or estimate the quantity needed and return what you do not sell. Freight is provided free to the North and South islands and payment is made once you have sold the bottles.

Our fundraising program applies to our 1L The Good Oil bottles, either extra virgin Rapeseed, extra virgin Sunflower oil, or you can offer a combination of both. The Good Oil Rapeseed oil has a mild nutty taste and the sunflower oil tastes of mild sunflower seed.

If you would like to fundraise with The Good Oil, please get in touch and we can provide more information.