Salt & Oil

Have fun and feel great with Salt & Oil fundraisers. NZ-made natural bath soaks, magnesium oil sprays, and wellbeing gifts. Up to 35% cashback with online fundraiser fortnights, or 40% profit if you pre-purchase a minimum of 50 individual items.

Salt & Oil fundraiser ideas product image

An online fundraising fortnight. All orders placed using your unique code will earn you up to 35% cashback at the end of the two weeks. We’ll also make you a landing page (not visible to the general public) and social media visuals to share with your customers. This way has no upfront costs, no collating of orders etc. All orders are sent directly to your customers. However, if you prefer the face-to-face personal touch, we can make you printable order forms too. Total orders up to $1000 earn you 20%. This rises to 35% for total orders over $1001.

OR you can earn 40% by buying upfront with a minimum quantity of 50 single items. Saver sets and gift sets aren’t available in this scheme, although we can work out gift set rates for you if you’d like, with a minimum order of 10 sets.  NB: We don’t accept returns on pre-orders.

  • ​NZ-made wellbeing products that are great to use AND gift.
  • Bath soaks are inexpensive and suitable for everyone.
  • All products are natural, vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Magnesium is more beneficial for you than chocolate!
  • Simple, affordable self-care is important for us all just now. Treat yourself too.
  • Contactless fundraising — you can go ahead even if a pandemic causes issues again.
  • It’s great for sports clubs and teams to focus on the SO: Active sports recovery blend, which was developed for New Zealand’s top rugby players. But any of our blends will help to ease muscles, support healthy sleep, and relax mind and body.
  • Feel good while doing good — on top of what you earn, we make a sales-related donation to a NZ charity every month. Thanks for your support.