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My Fundraiser offers an innovative fundraising solution. Purchase an everyday essential at regular prices, and 10% automatically goes to your chosen cause. Effortless fundraising, impactful results—empower your cause with every purchase.

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Welcome to My Fundraiser, your go-to destination for effortless and impactful fundraising! If you’re seeking innovative fundraising options for yourself or your community, you’ve landed on the perfect platform.

At My Fundraiser, we’ve redefined the fundraising experience, making it both convenient and rewarding. Our journey began with a simple question: How can we better support Good Causes without burdening ourselves with extensive time or financial commitments? The answer led to the creation of a unique and effective fundraising concept that has now evolved into the platform you see today.

You can purchase one of your everyday essentials you already buy, at the same price you’re accustomed to paying, but with a powerful twist. When you make a purchase through My Fundraiser, 10% of your total payment goes directly to the Good Cause of your choice. It’s fundraising made easy, without any extra effort or cost on your part.

Whether you’re an individual looking to support a personal cause, a team or organisation planning a group effort, or a community searching for a seamless fundraising solution, My Fundraiser has you covered. Our platform serves as an online marketplace where you can shop for your essential items, and in doing so, contribute to causes that matter to you.

Explore our platform, click on the “Register a Good Cause” button, and simply follow the directions from there. Every purchase from your patrons becomes a meaningful contribution to your Good Cause.

Join us at My Fundraiser in our mission to empower individuals like yourself to collectively raise $1 million per year, all donated on your behalf to outstanding causes and individuals making a positive impact in extraordinary ways. Discover the joy of fundraising without the hassle—visit today and start making a difference with every purchase.

Many thanks and much love, The My Fundraiser Team xx