Kings Seeds

Provide learning opportunities for children and raise funds for your cause with a Seeds of Support seeds fundraiser from Kings Seeds! We created our Seeds of Support program with the aspiration of growing a food-resilient New Zealand.

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“The examples that we set are like seeds on a windy day, they spread far and wide”

At Kings Seeds it is our aspiration to give every New Zealander the opportunity to become more resilient by growing their own food. Through Seeds of Support, we offer every school and early childhood centre the ability to help us build resilient communities all while making funds for your school or centre! As a parent of three young boys I am aware of the importance of fundraising for the betterment of our schools and early childhood centres. However I believe it needs to be easy for the parents, attractive to the people you are selling it to and to set a good example for our children. Our Seeds of Support Seed Fundraiser is a user-friendly program that provides $1.50 profit per packet sold.

The Seeds of Support Seed Fundraiser is a healthy way to raise money for your school or early childhood centre through selling packets of vegetable, herb and flower seed.

  • $1.50 profit on every packet sold!
  • easy to execute — we provide the forms and information
  • supports healthy living and building resilient communities through growing our own food
  • gardening is a popular hobby of New Zealanders and continues to grow in popularity
  • Kings Seeds is well known and trusted throughout New Zealand

To encourage your school or centre community and assist your fundraising efforts, Kings Seeds and our wonderful Partners in Gardening have two prize packs to give away for orders placed during Term 3.

  • TOP FUNDRAISER — This will be awarded based on the greatest order value (excluding freight) from all schools and centres who have placed orders during Term 3.
  • PRIZE DRAW — all schools and centres who have placed orders during Term 3 will go in the draw to win.