Kai Carrier

Kai Carrier offers innovative, eco-friendly, reusable food pouches designed for families on the go. Perfect for baby food, smoothies, and snacks, these convenient pouches reduce waste while providing a safe, sustainable solution for nutritious eating.

Kai Carrier - Fundraising product image

Kai Carriers offers various fundraising options that not only help organizations raise funds but also promote eco-friendly and sustainable products. These options include:

Direct Sales Campaigns:

  • Option: Participants sell Kai Carrier products directly to their community.
  • Benefits: Earn a percentage of sales, promote environmental awareness, and involve the community in sustainable practices.

Online Fundraising:

  • Option: Create a customized online store featuring Kai Carrier products.
  • Benefits: Easy setup and management, broader reach beyond local community, convenient for supporters to purchase and contribute, and 24/7 availability.

Event-Based Fundraisers:

  • Option: Host events where Kai Carrier products are showcased and sold.
  • Benefits: Engage the community, create a memorable experience, raise awareness about sustainability, and generate immediate funds.

Corporate Sponsorships:

  • Option: Partner with businesses to sponsor Kai Carrier products for fundraising events.
  • Benefits: Increased exposure and support for both the organization and the sponsor, potential for larger donations, and strengthening community-business relationships.
  • Eco-Friendly Products: Promotes the use of reusable, sustainable food pouches, reducing single-use plastic waste.
  • Health and Safety: Provides safe, non-toxic food storage options for families.
  • Community Engagement: Encourages community involvement and support for green initiatives.
  • Flexible Fundraising: Multiple options to suit different organisational needs and capacities.

Kai Carrier’s fundraising options offer a win-win solution, helping organisations achieve their financial goals, while fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility
within their communities.