Good Change

Go eco and educate the kids with the Good Change Eco Cloth Fundraiser. New Zealand’s leading range of compostable cloths and reusable towels — not just planet friendly but functionally sound, look good and very affordable!

Good Change fundraiser ideas product image

With a shared loathing of plastics, Good Change was established to give consumers a sustainable modern cleaning offering which are totally affordable. Good Change products are a real extension of your interior style within your home and/or office.

Good Change Eco Fundraisers are super fun and easy to run. Kids simply go out into the community taking orders of either the Bamboo Reusable Towels or Eco Cloths (3 pack). With every roll/pack sold your school or club will make $2. At the end of the 3 week fundraiser, once total orders have been reconciled, the products are delivered to your school/club for you to collect and distribute.

  • New Zealand’s leading sustainable cleaning range which are also a great gift for local and abroad (they fit in an envelope easily)
  • The products are functional, look great and are safe for our planet – a great alternative to single use paper towels, blue synthetic cloths and microfibre cloths which release microplastics into our waterways.
  • All products are natural and a great fundraising option to traditional chocolates. There is purpose behind the brand – it’s a ‘vehicle’ for change
  • The fundraiser starts a great conversation with the kids and their families around the dangers of microplastics.
  • For every pack of cloths sold Good Change donates a weeks clean drinking water to a family in Cambodia. We are also involved in beach clean-ups, support of 4 regenerative forests in the South Island and also in Queensland, Australia
  • Contactless fundraising – school/cub reception doesn’t need to handle any cash whatsoever.  Good Change looks after all payments from parents, reconciles and hands over the profit to the school/club at the end.

Come and make some Good Changes!