Cured is a Christchurch based company making artisan salami and biersticks with locally sourced meats. We offer a fundraising service, earning clubs $5 or $6 per unit sold, making this one of the more lucrative fundraisers around.

Cured fundraiser ideas product image

Fundraising groups have regularly sold as much as $5000, earning $1500 for their club.

Cured have developed a hassle free fundraising program designed to make it as simple as possible.  You return the completed contact form with a logo of your organisation (jpg or png), and we will email you back with everything you need to run your campaign, including customised poster, order form, and flavour card. 

We offer 4 flavours of salami, and a bierstick option.  Students/members gather orders and money and you collate them to send to us the total by the agreed date.  We then invoice you for the balance after deducting your profit.  You pick up or we send the salami after 2-3 weeks. 

For sales of up to 200 salami, we give you $5/unit sold. Over 200 we give you $6/unit.  If you are not in Christchurch we offer a $50 credit against the shipping cost.