• Kai Carrier

    Kai Carrier

    Kai Carrier offers innovative, eco-friendly, reusable food pouches designed for families on the go. Perfect for baby food, smoothies, and snacks, these convenient pouches reduce waste while providing a safe, sustainable solution for nutritious eating.

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  • Fresha Donuts

    Fresha Donuts

    Here’s an easy & delicious fundraising opportunity. Fresha Donuts are the same ones you get at your local fish & chip shop – our 8 flavours offer something for everyone. Buy at our fundraising price, set the selling price and keep the difference.

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  • Krispy Kreme

    Krispy Kreme

    Krispy Kreme New Zealand puts the FUN into fundraising and offers great ways for you to raise some dough for your local school, sporting club or community group. We offer a range of different products to suit your fundraising needs, whether it’s a small or large fundraiser.

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  • Alana Estate

    Alana Estate

    For three decades, Alana has stood as a cherished family-owned business in Wellington, crafting exquisite award-winning wines that make popular fundraisers. The name Alana means ‘beautiful’ – we aspire to bring beauty into your life through our wines.

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  • Loaf


    The team at Loaf is passionate about helping your group achieve its fundraising goals. With our mouth-watering range of frozen unbaked cookies and mini bites, you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

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  • Pepper & Me

    Pepper & Me

    Delicious spice blends and pastes, crafted to make easy, healthy, allergen-friendly meals for the whole family. Our fundraising program offers both quality products and benefits for participants, giving your audience a great discount which flows on as a generous kickback for your fundraiser.

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  • Booster Wine Group

    Booster Wine Group

    For over 14 years, our unique fundraiser has been a go-to for teams, groups, organizations and individuals alike. A fantastic way to raise funds ($40 per 12 bottles) with a delicious selection of wines from our family of NZ wineries.

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  • Salt & Oil

    Salt & Oil

    Have fun and feel great with Salt & Oil fundraisers. NZ-made natural bath soaks, magnesium oil sprays, and wellbeing gifts. Up to 35% cashback with online fundraiser fortnights, or 40% profit if you pre-purchase a minimum of 50 individual items.

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  • Cookie Time

    Cookie Time

    Welcome to the Cookie Time Rookie Cookie Fundraiser, where fundraising is as easy as enjoying delicious cookies! Whether you’re fundraising for your school, club, or community group, our fundraiser offers a tasty way to reach your goals year-round.

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  • The Good Oil

    The Good Oil

    The Good Oil fundraising program is a simple and rewarding way to achieve your goals. Fundraisers sell The Good Oil below RRP at $12 per bottle, and retain $4 per sale. Return any leftovers, or order once sales are completed.

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  • Kings Seeds

    Kings Seeds

    Provide learning opportunities for children and raise funds for your cause with a Seeds of Support seeds fundraiser from Kings Seeds! We created our Seeds of Support program with the aspiration of growing a food-resilient New Zealand.

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  • Westgold Butter

    Westgold Butter

    Westgold fundraising – the easy choice. Butter up your cause with Westgold’s creamy West Coast butter. For each block of 250g Westgold Butter sold at $4, your group will receive $1 to go towards your goal – simple, easy, and rewarding.

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