As busy parents of two kids, we found ourselves constantly looking for fundraiser ideas for our children’s kindy, schools, sports teams, camps, sports tournaments, and other causes. Not wanting to put forward the same tired ideas year after year, we wanted to look for new fundraising options that would capture the attention and support of different generations and demographics to ensure that every fundraising effort was a successful one.

We wished there was one website that had plenty of options in one place, to make research easy and to save us from clicking on website after website. When we couldn’t find a good one, we decided to build our own — enter, Fundraiser Ideas.

We thought it would be great for businesses to have the opportunity to showcase their fundraising options and be seen by decision-makers at a time when they were looking for ideas. There are so many cool ideas out there and Fundraiser Ideas makes it easy to find them!

For many causes, fundraising is not a one-and-done thing but an ongoing effort. Hopefully Fundraiser Ideas makes it simpler to organise different fundraisers within a year and inspires you to try different products every term, to really lift engagement and maximise the funds raised.

Today, Fundraiser Ideas showcases an ever-growing assortment of awesome product options to suit every fundraiser. Have fun searching all the cool ideas!

Deb & Cam Signoff